Team Name

Keep it as clean as you can.

Day Preference(s)

We set leagues on days that make sense. Give us your preference and we will work with you to get your team in a league!

Skill Level

  • D = Beginner – Beer league! Here to have fun and visit the bar often. Hits the ball over on 1 usually every time.
  • C = Intermediate – Our largest level of leagues. So much so, we have it broken into C1, C2 & C3 (for quads only – Sixes is only offered as C). If you are a brand new team looking to try out quads for the first time, C3 is for you. If you are a quads team that consistently passes, sets, and hits well and has great court mobility, C1 is for you. And of course C2 is a happy medium of both. Please indicate in the “Special Requests / Notes” at the end of the registration as to which of these levels fits you best!
  • B = Advanced – All-around strong and experienced teams. Great for players looking for a challenge to get to that next level!
  • A = Semi-Pro – Very consistent passing, hand setting, and heavy hitters.


Each session is 8-10 weeks long.

Email Signup

Be sure to sign up to receive alerts and updates on leagues, games, tournaments, etc. Remind your other teammates to sign up as well when they get a chance.


$78.00 IS DUE NOW
Remaining balance due by week #2, which can be paid via Venmo (@@grandsandsvb), credit card, cash, or check at the office located inside behind Court 3.

  • Total Fee for 2’s = $160 ($80 due now)
  • Total Fee for 4’s = $320 ($80 due now)
  • Total Fee for 6’s = $480 ($80 due now

League fees must be paid in full by week #2 at the latest. If fees are not paid in full by week #2, your team will not be permitted to play.

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