Team Name

Keep it as clean as you can.

Day Preference(s)

We set leagues on days that make sense.  Give us your preference and we will work with you to ensure your team plays

Skill Level

  • D = Novice – Happy to get the ball over the net, very vague understanding of the rules. Beer league!
  • C = Beginner  – Is gaining ball control, can get it over the net, has an understanding of the rules and the concept of three hits.
  • B = Intermediate – Practices the 3 hit concept, can overhand serve, understands the positions and has decent court mobility.
  • BB = Advanced – Has good ball control, consistent passing, setting, and hitting.
  • A = Expert – These players know who they are!


Each session is 8 weeks long.

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$72.00 due at sign up. Balance is due by week 2.

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