Vision & Mission

Grand Sands was born from a vision of offering the Greater Cincinnati area a year-round facility to play volleyball – while building a community of volleyball enthusiasts.

Cincinnati Sand Volleyball Players have never had a facility of this caliber to call “home court”.


We opened our courts and doors in 2009, positioning Grand Sands as Cincinnati’s first indoor and outdoor volleyball community. We began with 5 outdoor courts and 5 indoor courts, a full restaurant, and a bar.

In 2018 we added a Smoothie/Parfait bar as well as a full-service bar and large screen TV’s that you can sit either inside or outside to watch your favorite games. 2018 also brought us 2 additional inside courts and a private shower.


Grand Sands is Cincinnati’s first indoor and outdoor multi-court sand volleyball facility.

Along with our 7 outdoor sand courts, we provide 7 indoor professional silica sand volleyball courts under our 20,000 square foot facility

All courts are equipped with beach showers and complimented with over 3,500 square feet of boardwalk, patio, dining area and a private shower.

Policies & Rules

Food & Drink

Grand Sands offers a full restaurant food menu and a fully stocked bar with all of your favorites. We do not allow any food or beverages (except for bottled water) to be brought into the property.

There is also a strict rule against any glass containers on the property.

Absolutely no food is allowed on the sand courts. You must keep your food in the dining areas.


Raining? Don’t worry about it…we’ll move indoors to our Sand Volleyball facility until the storms pass. Grand Sands never books the indoor courts while leagues are playing outside to ensure there are always options to continue to play even during storms and other weather factors.


Parking is available on the East and South side of the facility. Due to limited parking, each vehicle may only take up one parking spot.

Grand Sands is a supporter of the “Don’t Drink and Drive” mindset, so feel free to leave your car here overnight.

Fees & Dues

League Dues: If your league was signed up online, then you should submit a deposit at the time of registration. All leagues must be paid in full prior to the second week of play.

Tournaments: Tourney fees should be made via Venmo one day prior to the start of the tournament.

Open Play: All open play fees are due when you show up to play.

Food & Beverage: All costs for food and beverages are due at the time of your order. If you leave your tab open and forget to cash out, we will charge your credit card for the full amount plus add an additional 18% gratuity.

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