Grand Sands Volleyball works closely with the Ohio Valley Beach Volleyball Club to assist junior leagues with their tournaments. To sign up for a Grand Sands summer league, please fill out the form below. If you are looking for an OVBVC tournament or OVBVC training, please go to the OVBVC website.

Juniors Registration

Due to the facility capacity with adult leagues, the Junior leages are not available.

Juniors Training

The Ohio Valley Beach Volleyball Club works with junior players to make them as competitive as they want to be. With their team of top coaches and a great indoor/outdoor training facility, their players are able to work hard and learn the game of beach volleyball.

The Ohio Valley Beach Volleyball Club teaches conditioning, skills, and the mental knowledge a player needs to become a superior beach volleyball player. They expect their player to work hard to achieve the level of play they would like to achieve, and they work with them every step of the way see the results they would like to get based on the time and effort they are willing to put in.

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