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Female seeking team

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(@Ali Amodeo)
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Hello, female seeking to play for team. High school and some travel experience. Preferred back row/libero. Available weekdays after 5pm

(@Jill Cowan)
Joined: 10 months ago
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Hi!! My name is Jill! I am also looking to join a team. I’d prefer quads but I like playing both front and back row

Joined: 3 years ago
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Hi Jill and Ali,

My friend and I are looking to start a quads team on Mon or Wed. If either or both of you would be interested send me a text 937-271-2570

(@Sarah Bugner)
Joined: 10 months ago
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Not sure if you guys formed a team or not but if anyone would want to try to get into a co-Ed quads league Sunday night or Monday night I would be interested! I also have high school/travel hard court experience and currently play co-Ed quads on Fridays at Grand Sands.


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