Grand Sands Volleyball Rules

  1. CHILDREN ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THE COURTS AT ANY TIME. We have a sandbox for the kids to play in the sand.
  2. League fees must be paid in full by the 2nd week. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  3. League matches are 3 games to 25 rally score. Doubles will be 3 games to 21.
  4. In doubles, a block is considered a hit.
  5. The ball may be played (clean) off any part of the body excluding the palms.
  6. The serve may not be blocked or attacked. Setting the serve is legal but must come out clean.
  7. If the balls hits the net on a serve it is still good on ALL levels.
  8. Teams first contact may not be a double hit.
  9. Any ball that crosses the net through service or otherwise must be passed by one of the following: bump set with the arm/forearms or any other part of the body other than the palms, hand set without double contact excluding a hard driven ball.
  10. Each team is permitted one 30 second time out per game.
  11. Only the acting team captain is permitted to question a call.
  12. Scheduled playing time is 55 MINUTES LONG. If by ten (10) minutes past the start of the game a team does not have enough players, the match will be forfeited.
  13. Each team will be allowed a 5 MINUTE WARMUP.
  14. Two team forfeits (matches) constitutes expulsion from the league. FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE!
  15. Coed 6 teams may play with 4 or 5 players present. If only 4 players, there can be 2 girls and 2 guys…or 3 girls and 1 guy. If only 5 players, there has to be at least 2 (or more) girls.
  16. Coed 4 teams play with 2 players, 1 man and 1 woman.
  17. You may play down 1 level not 2.
  18. Open hand dinks are permitted only in sixes.
  19. Rosters/waivers are due by the 2nd week of league play. Turn them into the league manager.
  20. If you hit the ball & it hits the beams on your side, you can still play the ball. If it crosses the net & hits the beams, it is considered a dead ball and a point for the other team.
  22. No smoking or tobacco products on sand courts.
  23. You can not have any contact with the NET. You may go under the net, providing there is no interference or contact with the opposing team.
  24. Doubles & Quads must be square to the place where they are setting the ball. Illegal sets are based by level of play (referees decision)
  25. Setting the ball — initial contact with the ball cannot be a double contact. When releasing the ball, a continuous forward motion (rotation is not an issue) but a continuous rotation does suggest double contact on release.
  26. Foot Faults — On the serve, your foot cannot contact the line or go under the line.
  27. NO lifts, carries or throws at any level.
  28. During tournament, you may only play on one (1) team per league.